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always wondered in the bible when christ says, sector little children and come unto me. -- suffer little children, and come unto me. christ was calling children to him. he used the word sufferer. these children get the lights -- these children's and family lives are suffering. these were children who had just heard about this are suffering, too. suffering about what it feels like to go to school and not be sure you are safe. staying up at night, being sleepless in terms of being scared of what could happen. that is not the suffering of our children, whether it is taking their lives, scaring them from going to school or keeping them up at night, giving them nightmare's over their safety. these little children did suffer, and they did go on to have been, a better place. it is the timing we have the problem with. far too many, far too soon for reasons we can do something about. so i commend my colleagues or how they came together, led by the community coming together. the community of newtown, conn.. so strong, so courageous, so sad. let's show them that not only do we offer words, we offer
adversary. let him come near unto me. fear of the lord god will -- who will condemn me. lo, they all shall wax old as a garment, isaiah chapter 50. there's a lot in that but jesus christ is actually speaking through the prophet. seven centuries before it happened, in luc, jesus said these are the words which i spoke to you while i was yet with you that all things must be fulfilled which were written in the law of moses, and in the prophets, that would be isaiah and in psalms concerning me. >> president chiu: thank you. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? please step up. next speaker. >> it's great to see you guys honoring a local business today. that made me feel good. i love this city. i became inspired to eat healthier and started my first business here. i started a dream and a vision to provide healthy food options, working endlessly to build my location. now a great deal has changed with the mobile food trucks. most existing businesses were grandfathered in. this didn't happen to me. i was sent to a nursing home put on my death bed an
, thanks, dad! i was hungry, and you gave me meat. and as much as you have done this unto the least of these, you've done it also unto me. mr. nicholson, if you don't have any other plans, we'd certainly enjoy having you spend the holidays with us. yes. we hope you can. ♪ well, thank you both. i... i'd be honored. - and we can start the animal christmas relief the first thing in the morning. - good! good! this is good, mom. - thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ @@a@, timmy? @ uh huh. the livermores live up a ways. i've been there a million times. ah, good. come on, holly. just a little more. i'd like to collect and distribute every second or third day, so if it snows again, there won't be and food lost. sounds sensible. i guess you ca. - gee, thanks mr. livermore. sure appreciate it. i'll get you a sack of corn. ♪ ♪ thanks you, mr. davis! - thank you! ♪ ah, thank you, sir. bye! ok, come on, holly. that's a boy. ♪ come on. come on. woah. - hi, mr. krebbs. i've been expecting you. suppose you're here to done me out of some feed. we're collecting food for the
to a virgin. joseph was a defender of king david. the virgin's name was mary. ♪ music oh mighty god! hear me! music from this day unto every generation, oh bless you, the mother of the savior. the son of god! he will reign forever. his kingdom will never end. his kingdom will never end. >> god will bless you! the child who is born will be holy! all behold a virgin child and jesus is the son. you will call his name! with god, it shall be done. with god, it shall be done. ♪ music god reigns blessings on you. ♪ music [applause] ♪ music [applause] >> in those days, a decree went out from caesar augustus that all of the world would be regularreregistered to pay tax. joe receipt went from nazareth to bethlehem because this was his family's home from the line of david. he took mary with him to be registered and she was close to delivering her child. >> wild they were there, the time came for mary's baby to be delivered and she brought forth her first born son. she wrapped him in clothes and laid him in the manger because there was no room for them in the inn. they were with the county
that suffer the little children that come unto me for they are the kingdom of heaven. but jesus didn't stop there. he spoke and then he acted. he brought the children to him. picked each child up in his arms. put his hand on them. prayed with them and then blessed on them. and just as jesus spoke and acted, the people of this country are expecting this congress to speak, but to act. and the first order of business is to make sure that this kind of tragedy never happens again. the first order of business is to ban, to make illegal, to own, manufacture or sell or possess this deadly weapon that was used to massacre these 20 children and these six educators that this bushmaster assault weapon, if we are going to -- just to honor those children who were massacred, make sure that that weapon will never be used again. if we do not do that in this congress, we need to hang our heads in shame. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. murphy: may i inquire as to how much time is remaining? the speaker pro tempore: 14 minutes. mr. murphy: i yield 1:30 to the gentleman from michi
. you're kidding me. isn't that weird? "do unto others as they do unto you" works both ways. huh? it's probably a coincidence. yeah. it had to be. see you at 4:00. you got it. hi, mark. how you doing? how did it go with earl? not too well yet. this job will take longer than i thought. you're welcome to go horseback riding. i don't think so. i'll be out pulling in 5-pounders. it's my vacation. see you later. good luck. an hour in the primo spot and nothing! oh, no! no! oh, no! no! why me, god? that's why. all right. i quit. it's a pretty spot. i used to come here when i was a kid. taylor and i brought max up. he sat on an anthill and screamed like the dickens. i should bring him back up. what happened between you and taylor? we married too young. this is where i'm most comfortable. in the city, taylor was like a kid at christmas. opportunity. money to be made quickly. different people. he never wanted to come back. he didn't even want to look back. he was embarrassed about being a small-town boy. even in the city, this is who i was. love will stretch so far, i guess. you're a lot like
to me. the values that my mother and father raised me and my three sisters with were to do unto others. be good to other people. reach out to them. we're all in this together. >> i love all of that. >> those things don't matter to me. i think they matter to the american people. >> well, i think you're right on all of that stuff. but i va to warn you, governor, there is a blue plate special blue ribbon you have to buy into everything. for example, you have to be against vouchers now. did you know that? under the democratic party, you must be totally for the public schoolteachers. are you okay with that? >> i'm fine with that. >> you're fine with that. are you for any kind of enforcement on immigration? any kind of enforcement? are you comfortable with that kind of thing? actually, you have to have a work permit, something like that that might not be too comfortable to people on the hard left. >> i think we fleed to have a path way to citizenship. >> what about enforcement? what about enforcement? you're going for the low-hanging fruts here. what about the tough stuff? you have to be ver
on treacherous paths. seward can't do it. you must. because if you fail to acquire the necessary votes, woe unto you sir, you will answer to me. >> you will answer to me. why did you put that scene in? for what reason? >> well, you know, i mean, partly because i think it spoke a provable truth about their relationship which is r at the altar famously and went into what we think of as a great depression. my feeling was that he knew that if you married mary todd you weren't going to stay a circuit lawyer in illinois and that she was going to make him step into his role. i don't think it's the thing pascal says, anyone who's a genius and doesn't know it probably isn't one, i think lincoln knew from the time he was a boy that he was able to do things intellectually that most people couldn't do. and i think he knew that his particular genius weirdly was not so much as a writer because i don't think he could have written just essays he wasn't emerson. i think he knew that his genius was in politics which is a strange amalgam field. and i think he knew as everyone knew in the middle of the 19th century
at the hills and things become clear to you, or to me anyway. so yeah, so david ludlow is really interesting. he chronicled the americas weather history, which is amazing unto itself but with that partly meant was that he went back and looked at people who kept notes on the weather, people who kept notes on the most mundane things. and then, you refer to it as the windbag, henry david thoreau. yeah, i am -- so thoreau kept weather logs and kept logs about when the flowers bloomed and his great project in his life was to create a calendar, and almanac of april 1, this stuff happens in our town historically forever, the waters at this level and these flowers bloom and so on. and that is an almanac. thoreau was a test with the george x., virgil's george x. and when you read it you are reading this beautiful, you know there is a version put out by yale which is yes a four year school. i am not allowed on the campus. there is a translation by the yale university press and its in the the american farm vernacular. it's beautiful and it's just you know the fire, the summer, the wood burns and sparks
there and you go down to the water and you look at the hills and things come clear to you. to me anyway. so yeah, so david was really interesting. he chronicled the americas weather history. which is amazing unto itself. but what the parliament was he went back and looked at the people who kept notes on the weather. people who kept notes on most mundane things. and then you call it -- [inaudible] >> i like to quote emerson. >> so thoreau kept whether blogs and kept these logs about when the flowers bloomed, and his great project near the end of his life was great a calendar, an almanac of april 1, this have happened in our town. the water is that this level. and that's an almanac. and thoreau was obsessed with -- [inaudible] when you read it, you are reading this beautiful, there's a version put out by yale, a four-year school -- [talking over each other] >> i'm not allowed on campus. there's a translation, university press and its in the georgia, the american farm vernacular, and it's beautiful. and it's just, you know, fire in the summer, woodburn's, and sparks fly into the night sky, and what
the desert bloom, was the only democracy in the middle east. it was t light unto the nations. it was home to the microutopia of the -- [inaudible] in the past three years -- excuse me, in the past three decades, however, the uplifting image of israel has withered and so has american jewish support for israel. it is not so much that israel has changed, although it has changed mostly if not entirely for the worse, rather it's that american jews who are terate know much more. indeed, at this point they know too much. american jews can noonger reconc theirlil beliefs with, t borrow a phrase from the soviet era, rarely existing zionism. it can be said until quite recently most scholarship on israel read like "exodus" with footnotes. to take one example, it was a truism that all the wars israel fought were in self-defense. but current scholarship reveals a very different picture. in his monumental study, "defending the holyland, the author who was formerly the head of strategic studies at tel aviv university, it's a very large volume, and the essence of e volume -- ere s some original work, but
as the senior -- and yes, he is senior, both in age and seniority -- but the things which he has allowed me to do on behalf of the people of arizona, even though he could have taken those responsibilities unto himself as the senior senator. but he was interested in dividing responsibilities in a way that the two of us could represent our state and our constituents really to the maximum advantage. and i've always not only admired his approach and the people of arizona i would say should be grateful for that, but it enabled me to be involved in things and to have some extra responsibilities in areas that i otherwise would not have. and not all of these were he were things senator mccain deeply wanted to get into such as the water settlements he mentioned but nonetheless he has been enormously cooperative in -- on behalf of the people of arizona in all of those endeavors. so, madam president, as i near my -- the end of my time here in the united states senate, i have a lot of different emotions and things i'd like to express. i regret one thing i won't be able to do is to speak on the senate f
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)